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Advocacy and rescue

Animal Advocates

The Animal Advocates network is a group of people committed to making a difference in the lives of animals in our communities. Together, they contact their state senators and representatives to support legislation that will keep animals safe.

Humane investigations

Our humane agents receive reports about animals that are lacking proper food, water, and shelter. They also participate in larger, more complex cases involving cruelty and on site investigations and seizures.

Reporting animal cruelty

We need your help to keep the animals in our communities safe. Contact our Humane Investigations team if you are concerned about the welfare of an animal.

Current animal welfare laws

Information about federal laws, state laws, and local ordinances.

Animal welfare partners

Animal Humane Society partners with other organization to compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals.

Positions on animal welfare

Policy statements from the staff and board of directors of Animal Humane Society.