Meet Blackie


Domestic Shorthair

Spayed Female

4.3 years old

13 pounds

ID #: 19954496

Adoption Fee: $ 25.00

Location: Woodbury  

Mon–Fri: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
Sat–Sun: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Additional Information:Blackie has a litter box behavior history that will require some special attention from the new owner. Because Blackie is such a great cat, we feel she deserves a second chance at a forever home. We will provide the new adopter support and materials to assist you at home to help make this a successful adoption. Please see a customer service representative for more information.
Forget me not:Hi, I'm Blackie, If you've ever experienced being picked last at a team draft or a dance, you know how I feel. For some reason, maybe it's my name, maybe it's my age, or perhaps my color; prospective adopters have passed me by without getting to know me and what a great pet I could be if given a chance. The staff and volunteers know how special I am and hope that you consider me when you're looking for a new pet. I am a very sweet girl and I love people of all sorts, though sometimes little kids scare me when they go too fast and are screaming. I like nice dogs who are good with beautiful felines like me and cats are ok too, just let me get to know them first. I love toys, they are super fun!
Date surrendered:2014-07-17 17:11:59
Time in former home:1 Years
Reason for surrender:Not Housetrained/ Housesoiling
Lived with children: No
Lived with animals:Yes (Dogs, Cats)
Previous living environment:Unknown